Apr 20, 2008

Weekend meals for the man. I am not taking pics of my food because it is the same as illustrated on my first post. Yes, I eat the same thing (pretty much) every day. It's an issue.

Enough about me. What you see below is Evan's dinner after a full day with his son and an evening of work to look forward to.

Tuna salad on a toasted low-carb English muffin with fresh onion and cilantro, veggies steamed in chicken stock, barbecue potato chips, cucumbers and a side of turkey chili with white beans.

Today's lunch was a chicken burrito (Trader Joe's freezer section), refried beans, salsa, leftover veggies, tortilla chips and green grapes. And a Fruit Water (he's trying to kick soda).

Just finished dinner. Big burger (organic ground beef that I mixed with garlic salt, chopped onion and Worchestire sauce) on a lightly buttered kaiser roll with organic ketchup (God I am such a Californian, ew), mustard and tofu garlic and herb cream cheese. Side of Tater Tots (worked in a bit of the Midwest with all this organic fare) and cucumber.

For dessert, a Gala apple crumble. This one got an A+

You're probably wondering about the tray and/or the lack of variety in our dishware. The tray was hand painted by my mom. And yes, we need dishes desperately. Thank God we are getting married soon!

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