Apr 18, 2008

Was listening to KCRW's Good Food on my ipod in the car today (ear bud in left ear, phone ear piece in right ear, think I was craving distraction). They asked listeners to call in with what they would want to have for their last supper. Fascinating and touching. Made me wonder what I would have. I cannot figure it out! I can only think of random favorites, which I will share with you now.

Hot buttered movie popcorn (must be in the theatre, doesn't translate in the real world, I've tried)

Cornbread with whipped butter from Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

Versailles roasted chicken, black beans and fried plantains (although hard to say with a belly full of it).

White layer cake from... (crap, I cannot remember the name of this restaurant! It was in Ann Arbor, Mi., where Zingerman's Roadhouse is now, all I can think of is Bob Evan's and Long John Silvers and Howard Johnson's and none of those are it! Any help is appreciated). Anyway, it was amazing layer cake that came in Vanilla or Chocolate. Vanilla was it, and I think the secret was salt. The cake and the icing had a salty background that just made it. Perfect.

Calamari with spicy aioli and pepperoncini.

Chicken burrito from Gloria's on Venice Blvd.

Okay, this was cathartic. I think my last meal could be cornbread with whipped butter and vanilla layer cake. With a side of popcorn. And I will eat all of this AT the movies. I'll have to save this for my grandchildren.

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